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Choose a BBQ restaurant for your next meeting instead of a conference room

Eating out for lunch provides a neutral meeting location. No one has the upper hand or control of the environment. But remember,Choose a BBQ restaurant for your next meeting instead of a conference room Articles meetings are not the time to try the latest hot spot in town. Go somewhere that is comfortable, reliable and offers an environment suitable for casual business conversation. What’s more relaxing than eating barbeque?

Lunch meetings encourage more personal face-to-face interactions. In a time when so much communication is online or via text, lunch meetings engage interpersonal skills. Personal interactions over a meal helps both parties predict the ease of communication moving forward and gives each person a better understanding of goals and priorities. As a bonus, find out if both parties like the same barbeque or if one likes beef and the other pork.

Food often evokes a feeling of comfort. In a boardroom, the environment can feel sterile or bland, perhaps even intimidating. Going out for lunch can turn a stressful meeting into a casual dialogue. The common comfort of a meal can lighten the pressure of the meeting. Face it. It’s hard to be formal or fussy with barbeque sauce on your fingers.

Leaving the office for a business lunchtime result meeting allows both parties to concentrate without disruptions from day-to-day office life. Coworkers won’t interrupt, and both parties can focus their efforts away from the ongoing pings of email or office phone calls. The only interruption might be going back for seconds or more barbeque sauce.

A change of scenery can help make the meeting more memorable. Lunch meetings provide a deviation from the norm, making the meetings easier to recall. This benefit can be especially helpful when negotiating business or trying to network with someone new. A lunch of tasty barbeque will be remembered.

Finally, the lunch meeting provides a set timeframe to accomplish business. Usually a relatively short and focused meeting, lunch allows both parties to be efficient while conducting business and enjoying a great meal. People don’t tend to dawdle when eating barbeque.

Here is some perspective on choosing the booth over the board room: conducting business meetings over lunch is a great way to establish a relationship with a client or potential business colleague. As we like to say of our favorite bbq restaurant, ‘why not do business over brisket?’ Lunch meetings allow professionals to break up their work day while getting to know each other.

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