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Parent’s Checklist: Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Youth Football Academy

With hundreds of academies out there,Parent’s Checklist: Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Youth Football Academy Articles choosing the one for football coaching specializing in American football tournaments won’t be easy. Several factors need to be considered before thinking of signing up your kid for an academy; after all, your child’s future depends on the academy you will pick for them today.

Hence, make sure to go through this article before thinking of enrolling your kid in the youth football academy.

Let’s understand those factors but, before that, you should know what a youth football academy is.


What do you think all these great footballers like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo came from? Well, not sure about their academies’ names, but what is common in all professional footballers is that they all came from well-reputed and established football academies. Football Academy is where they refine their raw talent and transform them into great players, which society knows them for.

A football academy is where young talented kids with real football potential are enrolled to turn into professional football players. If a kid has the spark to play football youth group games, it’s probably best to enroll them in a good academy. Hence, here are a few considerations parents need to keep in mind when picking a football academy.

Always Remember: It Starts With You, The Parent/ Guardian!

To start with, prepare yourself, as a parent, first. This means, educate yourself about the different football academies ‘ processes. Make a list and analyze each academy while keeping in view your kid’s potential and talent.

Once you understand the method and processes of each academy, it will become an easier task for you to pick the best.

Set Realistic Goals

Ask yourself! What are your expectations from your kid? Do you want them to be a professional football player representing their country? Or you are just enrolling them into an academy to train them in academics.

The level of training in each football academy differs. Like some academies emphasize intense training to refine kids’ skills for playing professionally. While other academies focus on learning and providing social skills to kids. This all depends on what you are seeking for your kid.

Apart from becoming a trained football player, your kid will learn many social skills too. It’d be a win-win case.

Location Matters

Without a doubt, the location of a football academy is one of the prevalent matters when weighing up football academies. Note that there are two types of football academy mainly.

– One that is attended on scheduled days.

– Then there are those where the child resides on the premises.

Irrespective of what you think is best, make sure to pick an academy that’s reasonably near your home.

One of the world’s greatest footballers, Lionel Messi, traveled from Argentina to an altogether different continent. At the age of 13 only, he joined FC Barcelona youth football academy in Spain, and through his dedication and passion for football, he achieved everything.

As a parent, it might be emotionally and financially challenging for you but if you find a reputed academy that offers boarding facilities and prepares your kid for the future footballer, give it a thought to join that academy.

However, some parents do not feel safe sending how many yards are in a football field their kids far away, and that’s fine. You can look for a suitable yet reputed academy in your hometown. Keep in mind; whatever you choose, it should always be complimenting your child’s future.

Facilities They Offer

Your kid will spend their maximum time in an academy, and the facility they offer holds significant importance. Besides, an academy with high-quality amenities will result in a very positive way for your child’s football career.

So, rather than looking and finalizing everything online, visit the place physically. If possible, take a tour, observe the pitch, the training facilities, the food, the quality, the staff, the environment, everything. Everything matters!


Access every academy from a futuristic perspective. If your kid’s passion for football knows no bounds, it is better to associate them with a professional football academy from an early age. Doing so will unlock many doors of opportunities for the upcoming stage of their career.

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